Customs & traditions

Characteristics of a nation are expressed by its customs and traditions which have taken a form for a long time under the influences of various factors. Material and spiritual culture as well as natural environment have an important impact in the evolvement of customs and traditions. With the lapse of time they are consolidated and taken to the generation from generation and on this basis their stability is provided.

By reason of the evolvement of the society the customs and traditions have been changed and some of them have been out of use in practice and forgotten. Usable customs and traditions have been living for more centuries. There are many similarities in the customs and traditions of the nations which have been living in the same destination. In various periods a lot of nomadic tribes came to the areas where the Uzbeks lived and they were also settled in the area with the acceptance of their local customs and traditions and in its turn the Uzbeks accepted some of theirs. Here below are some of the customs and traditions of the Uzbek people which have been surviving for centuries:


Hospitality is one of the most characteristic customs which is widely spread among Uzbek people. According to some reasons big families have