Climate of Uzbekistan

Because of no direct access to the sea or ocean causes the country’s climate to be hot, dry and continental. In the north of Uzbekistan moderate climatic conditions dominate while subtropical one does in the far south of the country.

Mostly dry and hot weather prevails during a year. The daylight contains 15 hours in summer and no less than 9 hours in winter. In the north the average sunlight is 2500-3000 hours and in the south it is 2800-3130 hours. With the same condition it is comparable with California, the US. It is cold in winter and hot in summer in Uzbekistan. January is the coldest month of the year while July is the hottest. Though the average winter temperature is about -23°C, in the north it may fall as low as -35,-40°C. However, during winter time there may be enough warm days.

Uzbekistan doesn’t feature with heavy and long-lying snowfall. The average snowfall is about 5-15 centimeters.

Spring usually starts in February in the southern parts while it reaches in April in northern area of the country. The weather is changeable in spring with warm, chilly and sometimes cold days.

Summer starts even in May in the south and remains till august. In summer the temperature is about +35, +40°C and sometimes it may reach +50, +60°C in deserts.

The average annual rainfall is about 100-200 mm which mostly occurs in spring and winter as well as precipitation.